About Us


The 5th edition of the International Graduate Competition (IGC), the first international academic competition dedicated solely to graduate  students worldwide, will be held from April 23rd to April 29th 2016. The week-long event takes place in Montreal, a bustling Canadian metropolitan city offering exposure to excellent cuisine from around the world, culture, arts, nightlife and a lively atmosphere.Come and join us as twelve teams from internationally renowned business schools utilize and demonstrate their knowledge in the hopes of being crowned the IGC victors!


Each team will have 48 hours to work through 4 interrelated cases, identifying key priorities, weighing benefits and addressing risks.

The university with the highest cumulative score based on the depth of analysis of each individual case, the soundness of the integrated solutions, and the quality of written report as well as oral presentations will be named the winner of the competition.


IGC is based the notion of cooperative competition.

All teams must collaborate with one another throughout the early stages of the competition in order to offer effective solutions to the strategic issues identified by the respective companies participating in the competition.

The four areas of management that cases will focus on will be released shortly


Participants will take part in various workshops and team building activities prior to

the start contest.

The competition consists of two stages:

  1. Open-bid process

Each team will give a 15-minute presentation intended to convince the judges that they completely understand the key issues and are able to find the best solutions for the company.

  1. Finals

The three best teams from the first round will have 50 minutes to present their detailed analysis and recommendations to the company.