IGC 2013 Case Presentations

The first round of presentations will start today at 1PM. The order of presentation will be drawn randomly. The eight teams will be separated in two pools of four teams each, and will have only 15 minutes to convince the judges that they have a perfect understanding of the case, and that they will be able to provide high quality solutions. There won’t be any Q&A during the first round, so it is very important for the teams to be clear and address all the important topics.

  The jury will be made of HEC professors, experienced consultants and company representatives. The eight presentations will take place in the rooms Granby and Sherbrooke in Decelles building.

IGC HEC Montréal 2013 the case video from JF Quintal on Vimeo.



The final round opposing the two selected finalists (the best teams from the two previous pools) will give them the opportunity to go into more detail, they will have 30 minutes to pitch and 20 minutes of Q&A. Note that if time permits, the public will be allowed to ask questions to the finalists. This last round will take place in the Lévis lecture hall, we hope to see a lot of people in those 152 seats! All the presentations will be streamed live on HEC’s servers and accessible from everywhere! If you can’t be present but would still like to be able to watch your friends and colleagues, do not forget to click our link HERE! We will announce the starting time for each team as soon as we know it!

Good luck to our teams from Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland and the USA! They all put a lot of efforts into this competition, may the best team win!


Click on the thumbnail to view a brief summary of the case!

Where? Granby and Sherbrooke for first round, Lévis for final round

When? Starting 1PM for final round, 3PM for final round


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